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Indian Dating: Made from trees or pixels

2017.06.24 05:12 Muffmuncher Indian Dating: Made from trees or pixels

A sub for Indian guys(and girls) to discuss dating, or share anecdotes, or request advice.

2018.09.05 14:04 rasinansar Official Subreddit to find Indians who are interested in meeting someone.


2020.08.07 13:01 Zesty_Nachos420 Does anyone have any idea what this sword is? It's made in Indiand that's all I know

Does anyone have any idea what this sword is? It's made in Indiand that's all I know submitted by Zesty_Nachos420 to SWORDS [link] [comments]

2020.07.30 22:33 EasyW2 What was the Indian tv show the guys were talking about?

Schulz & Akaash were talking about this show that shows Indians from Indiands' perspective and were hyping this show and I pod I listened to recently, does anyone know the name of the show?
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2020.07.05 19:22 jamesbondc Most used social media by Indians in US

Besides facebook what are most used social media sites used by Indians living in US?
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2020.05.15 05:41 dailymanup Get Girls - Just Be Yourself?

Get Girls - Just Be Yourself?
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2020.05.06 07:40 Indian_Encyclopedia Andhra Natyam, Indian Classical Dance

Andhra Natyam dance form has been derived from numerous classical dance forms and has close similarities with Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam, including the older dance styles like Dasiattam, Kacherittam, Chinnamelam.
#classicaldance #dance #indiandance #indiandances #andhranatyam #natyam #bharatanatyam
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2020.04.02 04:07 dailymanup 17 Ways To Be High Value

17 Ways To Be High Value
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2020.03.31 12:35 JayGubz Cleveland indiands innings

Can somebody please let me know what this is in conquest? I’ve gotten a few out of the 15 but I have no idea what the fuck it is and would like to know so I can hopefully intentionally complete the challenge
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2020.02.24 14:57 DekeZ909 [Serious]Why is it okay to call white people white and black people black but not asians yellow, hispanics brown, or american indiands red?

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2020.02.03 12:48 villagefood99 जाट पाट पनीर पराठा बनाने की विधि North Indiand's Daily Food Paneer Para...

जाट पाट पनीर पराठा बनाने की विधि North Indiand's Daily Food Paneer Para... submitted by villagefood99 to foodranger [link] [comments]

2020.01.20 09:01 McGrex "Nazis boxen!" - Sprichwort der Lumbee [18.01.1958: Indiander lösen KKK-Demo auf - Battle of Hayes Pond]

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2020.01.09 17:24 SpiralWinds Toast to the 2019 Cleveland Indians: A Year in Review.

Hello to all guys, gals, and in-between pals. Welcome to the Toast for the 2019 Cleveland Indians. While not the greatest season in Tribe history, the season was notable nonetheless. We hosted the All-Star Game, fought hard in the playoff push, and pulled in some player hardware. As several players left for free agency at the end of the previous season, several questions were asked as to how we could fill in the gaps and improve the club. Thus, we begin our journey all the way back to November of 2018.


The offseason last year league-wide was particularly slow, and Cleveland’s front office undoubtedly went similarly. We hit our first blockbuster of a trade with the Pirates on the 14th, trading away Erik Gonzalez for Jordan Luplow and Offensive Powerhouse Max Moroff. We conjured up another trade just days later, acquiring Chih-Wei Hu from the Rays, no relation to Chief Wahoo, I swear. The following day, riding the trade high like Jerry Dipoto on your average Tuesday, another deal was struck, this time with the Padres, sending off Ignacio Feliz for Walter Lockett. Wait a second… We also signed Mike Freeman. He was kinda good; more on him later.
We pondered our successes over the course of a week and eventually fired off another trade with the Nationals that sent a message to the National League: DON’T RUN ON YAN. While it was bittersweet and highly controversial, we picked up Jefry Rodriguez, Daniel Johnson, and everyone’s second favorite name. At this point we were ready for the offseason to end and the fun to begin.


December started with no real action on the offseason front, and then the Real Jerry Dipoto made a phone call and said T R A D E W I T H M E. The influence was too great to resist. Going full chaos mode, We traded Edwin Encarnacion and his beautiful parrot to the Seattle Mariners; in the same 3-team deal, Yandy Diaz’s python biceps were sent to the Rays for Jake Bauers. Tampa sent cash to the Mariners. But none of that mattered. Daddy’s home, and he’s got a personal vendetta against Fortnite. I would also like to go off the script here and say “Fuck you Arrieta, you self-righteous douchebag.”
Anyway, We continued the trades by sending off Yonder Alonso, Machado’s brother in law, to the Chicago White Sox to assist them in their attempted wooing of Manny. It didn’t work out for them. Shortly after, we finished up the Gomes trade by way of the Nationals trading us Andruw Monasterio as the PTBNL.
So much for 2018.


When we finally opened the new subreddit, people asked: Are we there yet? No. No we’re not. However, I am happy to report that Kevin Plawecki and his locker dildo has joined the team. Truly a “Play Hard” kind of guy. The Mets got Indians Legend Walter Lockett and Sam Haggerty in the deal. And literally nothing else happened other than re-signing Oliver Perez.


Oh hey it’s that month where Spring Training starts and I can’t wait to see Francisco Lin… FUCK... Nothing else matters at this point let’s just go to Opening day because I am sad now.


Ermagerd it’s Operning Deyyy… annnnnnnnd we got shutout. I can’t imagine why that’s the case. Oh well, at least there’s tomorrow; hopefully we can score some runs and holy fook Ramirez launched this. I can’t wait for Jose to have a great year... and that’s not Jose... that’s Hanley, and he, along with Carlos Santana, became naturalized US citizens.
We came home and had a nice week by winning the home opener and sweeping the Jays. The cost was too high though as Mike Clevinger got hurt and was immediately placed on the 60-Day IL. Injured Starting Pitcher Count: 1. We went on the road, and got our only loss of the year against Detroit. Yes you read that right: we went 18-1 against the Tigers. We followed up by getting swept by the Royals, and then sweeping the Mariners, But during the trip, the fanbase got some GREAT news.. Mike Freeman joined the club at this point and had a nice year. We arrived home to the wonderful smile of Frankie Lindor… He’s back and and smiley as ever. After our multiple roster changes, we came out 16-12 on the month, not bad. The team is primed to go on a hot streak now…


This is Cleveland, Optimism is overrated. Kluber has thrown his last pitch in an Indians uniform, as he was injured from a line drive off his arm in Miami. Injured Starting Pitcher Count: 2. In his place, Jefry Rodriguez was recalled, but the damage was too much, the Tribe crumbled a bit before turning their sights to Oscar Mercado. Max Moroff and Carlos Gonzalez were both Designated for Assignment. CarGo found his way onto the Cubs roster, and Moroff took a AAA job in Columbus. After subpar performances, Adam Plutko was optioned, and our next starting pitcher, Zach Plesac, nephew of Dan Plesac, took his place. During his major league debut against Boston, he had to wait 69 minutes before coming out for his second inning of work. Not a whole lot else to cheer for, as we went 12-17, pushing us below .500 heading into the month of June.


The start of the month was not kind at all, Jefry Rodriguez injured his shoulder, and Carlos Carrasco went on the IL with Leukemia. Injured Starting Pitcher Count: 3 and 4. Things started turning around for the better, however, as we spent Fathers Day weekend being a good Dad and visiting Detroit, cranking out a Cycle from Jake Bauers (Checkmate Yandy Diaz), A straight steal of home from Leonys Martin, and a Complete Game Shutout by Trevor Bauer.. Mike Clevinger came back from the IL, and then promptly went back on the IL because someone apparently stole Jobu’s rum. To ease our senses, we invited Detroit back to our place so we could hang out with them again. And on the night of June 21st, the Tyler Naquin Fanclub was born. Several fans came out in support of their namesake player, recently reinstated from his injury, and watched as the man delivered not only a home run, but a super casual diving catch double play in the 9th inning. By the end of the month, the mood surrounding the team was turning back around for the better. Month Record: 17-9


Riding their high into the final week before the All-Star Break, the Indians went on the road and won all 5 games before the festivities at Progressive Field, where we hosted the All Star Game for the first time since 1997. During the game, Our Shane “Not Justin” Bieber, originally our 5th starter, struck out the side to secure the ASG MVP award as the AL won 4-3.
As the second half started up, it became clear that there was a very real chance that the Tribe could take the fight back to the Twins for the ALC race. After posting a 6 game win streak, and proving that pitchers are athletes, Cleveland traded away Trevor Bauer which definitely had nothing to do with him lashing out on the field when he was upset about how his day was going. But in true Bauer fashion, the final score in his final game was 6-9. We got #PuigYourFriend from the Reds, who had to serve a suspension for fighting the entire Pirates team twice, and Franmil Reyes from the Padres. Month’s record: 18-6


Right out the gate we started swinging back at the Twins. We called up Aaron Civale to take Bauer’s spot. A sweep of the Angels and a series win against the Rangers put us right in position to take the division lead back. And we did, for like a day thanks to some late inning heroics by Carlos Santana on consecutive days, but we still were there at the top so I’ll take it. By the way… Where the hell are we even getting all these pitchers?. Anyway, we got Puig back from his suspension and immediately thrashed the Yankees, scoring 19 runs with each player in the starting lineup recording multiple hits, the first time it’s happened in 113 years. Unfortunately, that was the height of the month as injuries and more injuries broke down the team’s willpower. The last hope remained in the Wild Card. Month’s record: 16-13


Ah yes, the final stretch where we call up 15 more players and have like 500 pitching changes a game. But good news! Cookie’s back on a Major League mound! Over the next couple weeks, the days we had to secure a spot in the postseason started winding down, and the best efforts from Plesac and others helped tie the Wild Card race, but after Jose Ramirez came back from his injury, even when he returned with a vengeance, the team realized that the playoffs really don’t matter in the long run, as the friends we make along the journey do. The team made themselves a new goal, and in losing the last five games of the season, they secured a 69 loss season. You see, nobody is going to forget how memes have changed our world. In in doing this feat, they secure immortality by matching the World Series Champion Washington Nationals. It’s a truly nice accomplishment.

Outlook for the new year:

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2019.12.25 00:15 Anti-Racist3 OMG, avoid at all costs. ALL their profiles are fake, and ALL of their emails and interests are bot-driven.

I see a profile named Alera Hawkins. When I google that name, I see another person with that name on a Czech dating site with the same name, but who looks totally different. - is a SCAM.
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2019.12.04 19:13 dailymanup Shit Tests - How To Handle Them From Girls

Shit Tests - How To Handle Them From Girls
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2019.11.17 23:05 Amin_Abdul_Awal Free kashmir and palestine [serious]

Fuck the indiand and the israeli government. Free kashmir and palestine
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2019.11.05 06:09 SensationzMedia Learn kathak dance step by step with our Dance choreographer Madhuri Mam. Tutorial of Tatkar ki Tihai step by step. Video will be out soon on 9th November @10:30 pm #kathak #indianclassicaldance #dance #kathakdance #indiandance #kathakdancers #dancersofinstagram #classicaldance #bharatanatyam #d

Learn kathak dance step by step with our Dance choreographer Madhuri Mam. Tutorial of Tatkar ki Tihai step by step. Video will be out soon on 9th November @10:30 pm #kathak #indianclassicaldance #dance #kathakdance #indiandance #kathakdancers #dancersofinstagram #classicaldance #bharatanatyam #d submitted by SensationzMedia to u/SensationzMedia [link] [comments]

2019.09.22 15:23 _IdesOfMarch__ WHY IS THIS SUB DEAD?

On a similar topic.
We really need a seduction like sub for India since our culture is so different from the West.
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2019.08.21 14:03 JeddsRedds Nobody: indiands in movies:

Nobody: indiands in movies: submitted by JeddsRedds to pan [link] [comments]

2019.07.08 11:33 SensationzMedia ''Tutorial for Thaat in Teentaal Vilambit Laya'' Streaming from 13th july @10PM on our youtube channel Sensationz Media and Art Pvt. Ltd. #kathak #dance #indianclassicaldance #classicaldance #kathakdance #bharatanatyam #india #odissi #dancer #art #mohiniyattam #indiandance #dancers #class

''Tutorial for Thaat in Teentaal Vilambit Laya'' Streaming from 13th july @10PM on our youtube channel Sensationz Media and Art Pvt. Ltd. #kathak #dance #indianclassicaldance #classicaldance #kathakdance #bharatanatyam #india #odissi #dancer #art #mohiniyattam #indiandance #dancers #class submitted by SensationzMedia to u/SensationzMedia [link] [comments]

2019.06.16 01:30 dailymanup How To Compliment Girls

How To Compliment Girls
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2019.05.27 05:48 dailymanup Want Girls? Seed The Pull

Want Girls? Seed The Pull.
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2019.05.25 23:14 dailymanup Don’t Ask How To Get Hookups. Ask How Hookups Can Get You.

Hookups are about YOU.
Not her.
Everyday the same questions are asked over and over.
“What do I say to HER?”
“What do I text HER?”
“How do I approach HER?”
“What if SHE responds this way or that way?”
If you’re asking these questions then you’re missing the point completely.
The questions you should be asking are about YOU.
What needs to be done about you?
-Don’t like the way you look? Fix it.
-Too scrawny? Buy some dumbbells.
-Too fat? Haul your ass down to the gym.
-Too ugly? Learn to shave your facial hair in a way that elongates your jaw structure.
-Still too ugly? Get a better hair cut. Buy color contacts. Get some acne cream. Get a tan.
-Bald? Who gives a shit. Bald guys get laid all the time.
-No social skills? Find a dude you like and trust. Tell him: “bro, I don’t have any fucking social skills. Help me. Teach me how to talk to people.” Be straight up.
-Don’t know hot to talk to girls? Learn about free association. Learn not to give a fuck and just say whatever.
-No hobbies? Get off your ass and find some.
-Bad clothes? Really that’s your fucking excuse? Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to shop at Nordstrom to get laid.
-No wings? Find some.
-Tinder girl not answering? Forget her.
-Girl you met in person not answering? Next.
-Approach anxiety? How about dying a virgin? Which is more scary?
-Nervous about rejection? Make it a point tomorrow to go get rejected 20 times. ON PURPOSE. At the end you’ll realize it makes no fucking difference. And you’ll never have felt so confident in your life. (Plus you'll probably get some numbers along the way).
- Dick don't work. Viagra.
- Dick still don't work. Tell a girl who finds you attractive this: " dick don't work...but my tongue will have you moaning like you were in labor. When she's sitting on our face 20 minutes later, you'll discover something're dick actually does work.
When you’re done with all that, realize that everything on this list is within your control. And it’s time to fix it.
Even more important: Fixing it. Taking pride in yourself. Being a man who gets his shit together. That’s what girls really want anyway.
They don’t want dudes on the fuck-up list above who memorized some pick up lines.
So stop asking about HER. Start asking about YOU. Once you do that, you’ll discover that girls are really easy to find.
Actually, they’ll start finding you.
And then, hooking up will fucking easy.
If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for easy techniques to hook up fast.
How To Eliminate Ghosting & Ignoring (Get Her To Text You Back)
Talk To Any Girl, Anytime, Anywhere (The Conversation Formula)
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2019.05.20 18:06 dailymanup Simple "Open To Close" Lines To Talk To Girls Anytime (Get A Hookup In 60 Seconds)

In this video I discuss the opener “Do You Think That Amazing People Should Know Each Other” and give simple examples of how to transition that into conversation and close for an insta-date / hookup.
This line can open girls anywhere, anytime, day or night because it’s simple, intriguing and doesn’t have to do with “her looks.”
Check out the video if you want a simple “60 Second” approach for opening and closing a girl anytime.
Also, watch till the end for 3 Simple Techniques to dramatically improve the confidence of your Number Close and reduce flakiness when you text her later (and of course, remember, the number close is only "backup" in case you don't get the insta-hookup).
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Indian Dating - How to Meet Indian Singles Online Truth or Myth: Indians React to Stereotypes - YouTube VOA On NYC Desi Singles Mixer (11-11-2006) BLACK WOMEN DATING AN INDIAN GUY! Interracial Dating Ep.1 Super Single Indian Girls Try Dating Apps - YouTube A Crazy Tinder Date with Two Indian Men. Problems(Quirks) Dating an Indian Guy Indian dating someone that isn’t Indian! Indian Girls On Dating Boys - Money vs Looks  The Nerdy Gangsters Bangalore on Dating , Relationship and First Date - YouTube

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How often do you find a good looking girl dating a below average guy? Ever thought that if she'a gold digger? We ask some girls this question! Watch the video as these girls give some expert ... Do Indians really work in IT, eat bowls of curry (and smell of it) and are obsessed with Bollywood? Indians tackle these common stereotypes, ranking them tru... - Indian Dating, discover how simple meeting Indian women or Indian men can be. If you are interested in Indian dating possibly leading to Indian matrimonial then get started here. Loading... 14 year old Parker stands up for his rights. Cops say he is free to go with his dad, instead of mom - Duration: 1:12:34. Caleb Leverett Recommended for you sorry if this video was not a racial awakening but he was just a regular guy... that happen to be Indian. Q? COMMENT BELOW! . . . . . SELLING MY CAMERA https... 'Three super single girls living in this brilliant, brilliant India, go on dating apps.' Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such lolz. VOA features and their NYC speed dating event. Check out my Frisky Business subscription box! For men and women! Featuring some hand-picked Stepanka goodies: Hello! We are Rupi & Pardeep, welcome to our channel 'The Brown Couple'! PLEASE do subscribe and click that bell button so you get notified! It would really help us out a lot! Follow us on ... Indians explain dating and being in a relationship along with how to find a date in India. Using Tinder in India works? Online dating in India , works? We al...