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Reports (1947, declassified) from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd on Vatican Ratlines and Ustashi terrorists

2020.09.19 10:31 Ainsoph777 Reports (1947, declassified) from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd on Vatican Ratlines and Ustashi terrorists

Reports (1947, declassified) from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd on Vatican Ratlines and Ustashi terrorists
These documents can be found in the Pavelic Papers collection: ,
The italicized text above each document is a summary given by the researchers who have put together these collection of documents.
Further reading on this topic : Avro Manhattan , Terror Over Yugoslavia : The Threat to Europe (1953)
Edmond Paris, Genocide In Satellite Croatia, 1941-1945 : A Record of Racial and Religious Persecutions and Massacres, (1961)
J.J. Murphy, Papal Murder In Croatia, , The Converted Catholic Magazine , December 1945
Drew Pearson, Croat Himmler Finds U. S. Haven, Washington Post (October 16 1963)
Karlheinz Deschner , God and the Fascists : The Vatican alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic, (1965) 2013 edition
An excerpt from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd's January 30th 1947 report on Jesuit trained dictator Ante Pavelic fleeing Croatia via a Vatican ratline.
The Vatican Ratline being exposed here in 1947.

From the US Army file on Ante Pavelic: Special Agent Robert Clayton Mudd gives an extensive outline of Pavelic's career to date. Paragraph Five is a bombshell: the first glimpse of what would eventually be revealed as the Vatican Ratline, designed to shield Nazi fugitives from arrest and shepherding them to safe locations in countries outside of Europe.
January 30 1947
SUMMARY OF INFORMATION SUBJECT: Present Whereabouts and Past Background of Ante PAVELIC, Croat Quisling
  1. From a usually reliable source the following information has been obtained concerning the present whereabouts of Ante PAVELIC,Croat Quisling.
  2. With the collapse of German resistance in the Balkans and the subsequent withdrawal of support of the puppet Croat government on the part of the Germans, Ante PAVELIC, fearing for his personal safety at the hands of the Partisans fled from Jugoslavia into Austria where he took refuge in the small village of CELOVAC near the Austrian-Jugoslav frontier. Pavelic had an apartment and a villa there.
  3. In April of 1946 PAVELIC left Austria and came to ROME accompanied only by an Ustasa Lieutenant named DOCHSEN. Both were dressed as Roman Catholic priests. They took refuge in a college there in Via Giavomo Belli, 3, which is the only college in ROME enjoying complete extra-territoriality, and which can be entered only by presenting the proper credentials. (Presumably the Papal seal is needed because it is said that this is the only college in ROME directly under the administration of the Pope.)
  4. This informant further states that a short time ago PAVELIC obtained at the Spanish Consulate in MILANO a passport under the name of DON PEDRO GONNER. This passport is ready for Spain and has a visa either for South America or Canada. Three other members of the Ustashi are being taken care of in this same fashion but the only one so far identified is General Vlado KREN, Chief of the Croat Air Force under PAVELIC. KREN is an old-time Yugoslav officer who at the outset of the war deserted to the Germans taking with him as much loot and money as he could. He was decorated by the Germans after a lengthy inspection tour of the Croat Air Force on the Eastern Front.
  5. This informant, directed by this Agent to try to penetrate the Ustashi intelligence network in Italy and Jugoslavia, has managed to do so and it has been determined that the network runs from GRUMO-ROME-VENICE-TRIESTE-LJUBLJANA-ZAGREB. The whole affair is run under cover of the Roman Catholic clergy whose priests in these monasteries are nearly all of Croat extraction. Complete penetration of this organization is a rather lengthy process but efforts are being continued in that direction. There is no doubt that Ustashi elements in Italy communicate with one another, and that the focal point of all intelligence and activity is the Monastery of Saint Jerome , Via Tomacelli, 132,ROME.
  1. Ante PAVELIC was born in 1896 in Ivan Planina in Bosnia and practiced law in ZAGREB. An extremist even in his youth he became a member of the arch-terrorist organization known as the"Frankovci" whose founder, Dr. Josip FRANK, was a Jew and the father-in-law of Slavko KVATERNIK, the first Croat to be elevated to the rank of Field Marshall. KVATERNIK had long been a strong advocate of Croat separatism and the German ideas on a separate Croat state found in him a reday tool.
  2. The quarrelsome nature of PAVELIC became more and more apparent in the years immediately after the first war when he became involved in one dispute after another with the Centralist Party and the Croat Peasant Party of RADIC. He was the sole representative of his Party in the Skupstina (Jugoslav Parliament)but rarely attended sessions and when he did he sulked in his seat and only occasionally indulged in a long harangue in protest against some measure which he did not approve.
  3. In the early 1920's, PAVELIC began to establish his contacts with Croat emigrees in VIENNA and BUDAPEST and later on he established a close accord with the Macedonian terrorist society,IMRO. In 1927 he acted as counsel for the defense of the Macedonian terrorists at the SKOPLJE trials.
  4. Shortly after the proclamation of the establishment of the dictatorship of King ALEKSANDAR in January 1929, PAVELIC fled abroad and was subsequently condemned to death in absentia at BELGRADE for his part in anti-Serb demonstrations organized at SOFIA by Bulgarian and Macedonian terrorists.
  5. From 1930 onwards while living abroad, a great part of the time in Italy, he became the leader of a terrorist organization eventually to be known as the Ustasha. This organization was financed by ROME and BUDAPEST and given moral encouragement by the Germans. Together with JELIC, ARTUKOVIC , and the younger KVATERNIK and others he was responsible for a serious flurry of bomb outrages, the weapons and explosives all supplied by Italy. This occurred in the period between 1930 and 1935.
  6. Camps for training terrorists and saboteurs were set up in Italy and Hungary, chiefly at BRESCIA and BORGOTARO in Italy and JANKA PUSZTA in Hungary and an armed insurrection was attempted in 1933 when the Ustashi, armed by the Italians, attempted to invade the country by crossing the Adriatic in motorboats. This was unsuccessful but its lack of success probably was instrumental in the decision to assassinate King ALEKSANDAR. Two attempts were made, the last one successful and ALEKSANDAR was slain at MARSEILLES 14 October, 1943 along with the French Minister of the Interior, Jean BARTHOU. The singular lack of armed protection afforded by the Jugoslav monarch, and the general laxity of security precautions when it was well-known that one attempt had already been made on ALEKSANDAR'S life are rather ghastly tributes to the organizational ability of PAVELIC, who apparently had been able to bribe some high official in the Surete General. The Prefect of Police of MARSEILLES, JOUHANNAUD, was subsequently removed from office.
  7. Yugoslavia took her case to the League of Nations offering evidence that Italy and Hungary had openly conspired against her sovereignty. However, for some strange reason Italy's role in the affair was never considered and Hungary bore the brunt of the charges. Italy, furthermore, stubbornly refused to extradite PAVELIC who, along with the younger KVATERNIK, was placed under the permanent supervision of the Italian police until sometime in 1941.During the course of his "house arrest" he was subsidized by the Italians and he conferred long and often with Count Galeazzo CIANO on the prospective coup d'etat in Croatia.
  8. In April of 1941 he arrived in ZAGREB and proclaimed the"Free and Independent State of Croatia" with himself as the head of the government. What prompted the Axis powers to put a man like PAVELIC at the head of a puppet government is not too well-known for it was an established fact that he was an ardent extremist of the worse sort and an international gangster. Perhaps it was the fact that the Nazis and Fascists were not looking for leadership. The only thing that they needed was a fanatic, an ultra-chauvinist, who could and would do what they suggested and do it with a vengeance. At any rate in June and July, 1941 PAVELIC and his Croatian nationalists, representing the lunatic fringe of Balkan life,slaughtered in a few weeks tens of thousands of Serbians living in his "independent state" and along its peripheries.
  9. PAVELIC remained as head of the "Free and Independent State of Croatia" until early 1945 when he disappeared from the limelight and little trace of him has been found since.
  10. PAVELIC'S name tops the list of quislings whom the State Department and the Foreign Office have agreed to hand over to the Yugoslavs for trial. At the present time this Agent is expending every effort to try to trace PAVELIC AND HIS WIFE. One source yet unconfirmed states that she is living in VENICE under an assumed name while yet another says that she is living somewhere in ROME.
AGENTS COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: IN view of the fact that this man, while generally considered a criminal, is not a criminal in just the ordinary sense but a political criminal as well, and in view of the fact that the Yugoslav Government through its controlled press has on several occasions accused the Anglo-Americans of hiding PAVELIC to further their own aims, this Agent recommends that every effort should be made to apprehend him and ship him back to the Jugoslav Government for trial. In so doing not only would the Yugoslav propaganda guns be silenced and the people of Jugoslavia forced to admit that their previous propaganda was all false, but also a serious threat to security would be removed and the position of the Anglo-Americans strengthened with regard to those south Slav elements who were pro-Allied before the war. The Ustashi organization in Italy is at the present moment a tightly-knit group still maintaining its "cell" organization, still publishing its papers, and still interested in the same aims that they professed before and during the war. The center of this organization is the Monastery of St. Jerome, Via Tomacelli, 132, ROME.
Approved:EDWIN F. COWAN Chief, CIC DISTRIBUTION:CIC, Zone 1 (1)CIC, Zone 3 (1) CIC, Zone 5 (1)CIC, Zone 6 (1)AC of S, G-2, AFHQ (2)Chief, CIC, AFHQ (1):: filing information


Excerpt from CIC agent Robert Clayton Mudd's February 12th report

This is a follow-up report to Counter-Intelligence Corps Agent Robert Clayton Mudd's earlier report in which he indicated that the Monastery of San Girolamo was acting as a haven for Ustashi fugitives, and that he had run an agent into the network smuggling accused Ustashi war criminals out of Croatia. Mudd appeared earlier to be suspicious that Ustashi agents had infiltrated legitimate networks to help refugees, rather than that these networks themselves had been set up in order to smuggle out hunted Ustashi officials. His conclusions in Paragraph 15 remain unchallenged to this day. This is an improved copy of the document originally published :

February 12, 1947
  1. Fr. Krunoslav DRAGANOVIC is a Croatian Catholic priest in the Monastery of San Geronimo, 132 Via Tomacelli. ROME. This man has for some time now been associated with Ustashi elements in Italy and, while in many instances it is hard to distinguish the activity of the Church from the activity of one man whose personal convictions might lie along a certain line, it is fairly evident in the case of Fr. DRAGANOVIC that his sponsorship of the Ustashi cause stems from a deep-rooted conviction that the ideas espoused by this arch-nationalist organization,half logical, half lunatic, are basically sound concepts.
  2. Fr. DRAGANOVIC is a native of TRAVNIK where he finished his elementary and secondary school. Shortly after this he went to SARAJEVO to study theology and philosophy. Here he fell under the personal magnetism of Dr. Ivan SARIC,archbishop of SARAJEVO, whose particular interest he soon became and after graduation he was sent to ROME under the auspices of Dr. SARIC who had some good connections in the Vatican.
  3. Having completed his studies at ROME where he majored in ethnology and Balkan affairs he returned to SARAJEVO where he held various political offices, all of a minor importance.Shortly after the formation of the Independent State of Croatia under Ante PAVELIC in April 1941 DRAGANOVIC became one of the leading figures in the Bureau of Colonization. In the middle of 1943 however he became involved in a disagreement over the relative merits of the younger Eugen KVATERNIK, whom he called a "madman and a lunatic", and he left Croatia and returned to ROME.
  4. According to a reliable informant it is believed that this departure of DRAGANOVIC from Croatia to Italy is a classic example of "kicking a man upstairs" inasmuch as it is fairly well established that the leaders of the Independent State of Croatia expected the prelate, through his good connections in the Vatican, to be instrumental in working out the orientation of Croatia towards the West rather than the East. These same leaders, being occidental-minded and knowing full well that Croatia's militant Catholocism made her a"natural" in such a deal, relied on DRAGANOVIC to assist in their aims. He was eminently unsuccessful.
  5. DRAGANOVIC has a brother still in ZAGREB who is a member of the Napredak Co., who recently was ignored in the elections to determine the members of the Board of Directors. He has another brother, whereabouts unknown, who was a member of the Croatian Embassy in BERLIN. He is in touch with his brother, ZVONKO, in ZAGREB but not with KRESO, whose whereabouts are not definetly known although he has been reported in the British zone in Germany.
  6. About a year ago DRAGANOVIC is alleged in some circles to have somewhat denounced his now ardent pro-Ustashi sentiments during a conference of Croats in ROME. Having been accused by a certain Dr. KLJAKOVIC (apparently a member of the Croat Peasant Party) of being in very close contact with only Ustashi emogrees DRAGANOVIC is said to have replied that if working for an independent Croatia meant being an Ustasha then "I am an Ustasha". "However," he added, "I disassociate myself from all other attributes of the Ustashi."
  7. With this aim in view DRAGANOVIC is working with the Ustashi and also with some leftovers of the Croat Peasant Party in exile. When Milan PRIBANIC, erstwhile Commandant of the Guard of Vlado MACEK, appeared in ROME, he immediately contacted him and thus made his aims and purposes clear to MACEK.
  8. Many of the more prominent Ustashi war criminals and Quislings are living in ROME illegally, many of them under false names. Their cells are still maintained, their papers still published, and their intelligence agencies still in operation. All this activity seems to stem from the Vatican,through the Monastary of San Geronimo to Fermo, the chief Croat Camp in Italy. Chief among the intelligence operatives in the Monastery of San Geronimo appear to be Dr. DRAGANOVIC and Monsignor MADJARAC.
  9. The main messenger between the Vatican, the Monastary and Fermo is an Ustasha student by the name of BRISKI. BRISKI was interned in the 209 POW Camp at AFRAGOLA and was with the Ustashi Cabinet members when their escape was organized from there. His physical description is as follows: 25 years old,medium height, black hair, seen mostly without a hat. Has very bad teeth in upper and lower jaw. Appears to be very wise.
  10. This Agent managed to run a counter-operative into this Monastary to find out if possible if the internal setup of the place was as had been alleged, namely that it was honeycombed with cells of Ustashi operatives. This was established and several things more but operations were stopped abruptly when it became too dangerous for the counter-intelligence agent in the Monastary. The following facts were ascertained:
  11. In order to enter this Monastary one must submit to a personal search for weapons and identification documents,must answer questions as to where he is from, who he is, whom he knows, what is purpose is in the visit, and how he heard about the fact that there were Croats in the Monastary. All doors from one room to another are locked and those that are not have an armed guard in front of them and a pass-word is necessary to go from one room to another. The whole area is guarded by armed Ustashi youths in civilian clothes and the Ustashi salute is exchanged continually.
  12. It was further established that the following prominent ex-Ustashi Ministers are either living in the monastery, or living in the Vatican and attending meetings several times a week at San Girolamo: Ivan DEVCIC, Lt. Colonel VRANCIC, Dr. Vjekoslav, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. TOTH, Dr. Dragutin, Minister of Croat State Treasury. SUSIC, Lovro, Minister of Corporations in Croatian Quisling Government STARCEVIC, Dr. Mile, Croat Minister of Education. RUPCIC, General Dragutin, General of Ustashi Air Force. PERIC, Djordje, Serbian Minster of Propaganda under NEDIC. PECNIKAR, Vilko - Ustasha General and CO of Ustashi Gendarmerie MARKOVIC, Josip, Minister of Transport in Pavelic Government. KREN, Vladimir - Commander-in-Chief of the Croat AirForce.

  1. While this "Croat", directed by this Agent to try to penetrate the Croat intelligence network, was inside the Monastary he personally heard a conversation ensue between this Monsignor MADJERAC and Dr. SUSIC, who, at the time of the conversation, was in the Vatican library. He also heard a conversation between two of the Ustashi in the monastary which established the fact that a brother of Dr. PERIC runs a hotel in ROME, and that often this hotel is visited at night for the purpose of holding important Ustahi conferences. The money for the purchase of the hotel was given this man by his brother, Dr. PERIC.
  2. It was further established that these Croats travel back and forth from the Vatican several times a week in a car with a chauffeur whose license plate bears the two initials CD,"Corpo Diplomatico". It issues forth from the Vatican and discharges its passengers inside the Monastary of San Geronimo. Subject to diplomatic immunity it is impossible to stop the car and discover who are its passengers.
  3. DRAGANOVIC's sponsorship of these Croat Qusilings definitely links him up with the plan of the Vatican to shield these ex-Ustashi nationalists until such time as they are able to procure for them the proper documents to enable them to go to South America. The Vatican, undoubtedly banking on the strong anti-Communist feelings of these men, is endeavoring to infiltrate them into South America in any way possible to counteract the spread of Red doctrine. It has been reliably reported, for example that Dr. VRANCIC has already gone to South America and that Ante PAVELIC and General KREN are scheduled for an early departure to South America through Spain. All these operations are said to have been negotiated by DRAGANOVIC because of his influence in the Vatican.
  4. This agent will continue to make an effort to keep abreast of the situation in this area and also to advise G-2 of any new plans or changes of operations on the part of DRAGANOVIC and his satellites.


Excerpt from the September 5th report, showing that Jesuit trained, Roman Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganovic acquired immigration visas for his Ustashi Nazi terrorists so that they could escape to South America.

Father Krunoslav Draganovic, one of the main operatives on the Ratline, kept detailed lists of the "refugees" granted hospitality and a place of refuge at the monastery of San Girolamo, Rome. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps Agent William Gowen obtained these lists, which included the Ustashi suspects' real names as well as the aliases. After making copies, Gowen wrote up a lengthy memorandum and sent four copies to his superiors. None have ever been found, but one of the agents who received a copy of the list was Naples CIC Agent Robert Clayton Mudd. The following document summarizes Gowen's memorandum and draws attention to several Ustashi war criminals wanted by the Allied authorities on Draganovic's lists. Coming as it does after the famous instructions from Gowen's superiors to keep his "hands off" of Pavelic and other Ustashi leaders in Rome, it is possible to speculate that this report represented the last attempt by CIC agents still "in the dark" of the American plans to rescue Pavelic and Co. to inform their superiors of the vast extent of the Nazi and Ustashi smuggling network that Father Draganovic - and, unknown to Mudd and Gowen, those same superiors - had put into operation.

5 September 1947
SUMMARY OF INFORMATION : SUBJECT: DRAGANOVIC, Krunoslav RE: Documentary Evidence Involving SUBJECT with Ustasha Activity at the San Girolamo Monastery, Rome.
  1. Attached photostats of personal files and documents of the Croat Nationalist priest DRAGANOVIC, Krunoslav procured in Rome indicate clearly his involvement in aiding and abetting the Ustashi to escape into South America. The documents also indicate his connections with Ustasha personnel, a fact which DRAGANOVIC has formally denied personally to this Agent.(Photostats to G 2 TRUST only).
  2. The first list includes the nominal role of all Croats who are fed, clothed, housed and otherwise provided for by the Monastery of San Girolamo, but it also includes the names of several long sought after Jugoslav War Criminals whose presence in the Monastery and whose sponsorship by the Vatican DRAGANOVIC has consistently denied.
  3. The names of the following Ustashi War Criminals are to benoted on this list :DEVCIC, Ivan Serial " 351
DOSEN, Drago " 389
IMPER, Dragutin " 639
JURKOVIC, Blaz " 705
MARKOVIC, Josip " 1018, 1019, and 1020
MAVREK, Stanko " 1062
ORSANIC, Ante " 1176
PAVICIC, Ante " 1208
RUKAVINA, Ante " 1407
SEKULIC, Ivan " 1444
SRNAK, Rudolph " 1484
SREDL, Josip " 1627
VLAHOVIC, Ante " 1773[illegible],
Dusan " 1841
BELOBRAJDIC, Leopold " 109
DJAK, Jakob " 370 (believed to be alias of DJAL, Jakov)BIOSIC, Josip " 136
DOBRENIC, Stjepan " 376
BARANOVIC, Ante " 70
MATAJA, Milan " 10474.
The second series of photostats indicates that DRAGANOVIC and the Monastery were doing their utmost to get immigration visas for Croat sailors in answer to the offers of several Central and South American countries to accept certain specified amounts of qualified sailors and maritime men. However, on this list are known names of compromised people.
  1. The Third List written in Spanish contains the names of 115 Croats with all their personal particulars. These 115 people have all expressed a desire to emigrate to ARGENTINA. It is very possible that this list of individuals have already shipped to the Argentine and it must be assumed that in the majority they are compromised Ustashi personalities with aliases. It seems only reasonable to assume that the more important personages will be, or would have been shipped out first.
  2. Enclosed here with also are the photographs of documents containing the pertinent data on such Ustasha personalities as BARIC, Vice, Kren, Vladimir, alias KRENMIR, Vladimir,BABIC, Ivan, HIBL, Josip alias HUBL, Josip, KAMBER, Dragutin alias KAMBER, Blaz, PAVICIC, Ante alias PAVICIC, Anton,SARIC, Ivan, SUSIC, Lovro alias SUSIC, Marijan, VRANCIC,Vjekoslav alias VRANIC, Petar.
  1. Ref para 3 identification and background of personalities mentioned here are contained in CIC TRUST SOI y-3097 dtd 22 August 1947.
  2. Photostats attached were obtained by Special Agent WILLIAM GOWEN of the Rome CIC Detachment and passed on to this Agent for use and evaluation.
[signed]ROBERT C. MUDD Special Agent, CIC
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